"I have called you by name, you are mine." Isaiah 43:1

Speaking Engagements

Refresh Summit for Moms

For many of us moms, it has been very challenging this past year to balance raising our children, homeschooling and/or working from home, being a good wife or trying to do it all as a single mom, and pursuing the dreams God has put on our hearts. Some of us have been so overwhelmed as we deal with our own spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental health needs.

To address some of these challenges, Imperishable Beauty created this summit to come alongside moms like you to refresh, renew and reignite you with the love of God and pamper your soul with His presence and gather with other moms who are feeling the same. This is a great time to set aside to invest in yourself after Mother’s Day and if you think about it, when’s the last time you did that?

Psalms 126:4 says, “Now, Lord, do it again! Restore us to our former glory! May streams of your refreshing flow over us until our dry hearts are drenched again.” Maybe you’re feeling dry. Maybe you’re wondering if God still sees you. Maybe you just can’t see past the diapers, the unending laundry, the tantrums, the attitudes, the endless questions, the lack of respect. Maybe you’re running on empty, and your patience has run out. Maybe you’re an empty nester and wondering what’s next. Maybe you’re frustrated that you can’t do it all like so and so. Whatever your challenges are, His grace is sufficient for you no matter what.

So, pray about it, and please join me as we lean in with other moms who love Jesus and learn from the other guest speakers who are also moms. Some are SAHMs, while others are juggling a business and family life, and some are moms of littles trying to figure it all out while staying true to God’s leading. They have experienced losses and hope deferred like many of us and have come out on the other side. They’re excited to share an encouraging message with you, as am I, and we’re here to tell you that you’re not alone. You can do this, mama! And God’s got you! Let’s gather on Friday night and Saturday to receive His streams of refreshing until it overflows and overpowers us.

Here’s the link for more info and to register.